Knee Deep in Weed



There was a recent article published in Business Insurance and WorkCompWire regarding the ever-evolving perceptions on cannabis in the workplace. Evidently the National Council on Compensation Insurance has decided to classify medical marijuana as an “emerging issue” in workers’ comp. Really?

Now that marijuana is legal (for medical or recreational purposes) in half of the states, the challenge is not just emerging — it has moved into the spare bedroom.

A recent survey by EMPLOYERS demonstrates just how marijuana use is becoming a societal norm. Small business owners polled responded as follows:

  • 19% would allow medical marijuana use in the workplace;
  • 81% are unconcerned if employees come to work under the influence of THC. (Can this be true?!?)

It’s safe to say we are becoming knee deep in weed. We anticipate ever-changing legislation and case law to address this “emerging issue.”

Are your workers’ comp advisors up to the task? Or are they just blowing smoke?

Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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