Catching the Midnight Rider



Sorry Gregg Allman. Looks like they finally caught the Midnight Rider.


An unfortunate tale from WorkCompWire.com about a law enforcement member and his attempt to get more than one silver dollar.


The Allegation: Workers’ Comp Eligible


A corrections officer was shot by a parolee he recognized and thus his injuries are in the course and scope of his employment. The initial monetary demand was for over $3,000 per month for life plus a cool $300,000 for a couple of years of caregiving from the wife.


The Truth: 8 Months in Jail, 5 Years of Probation and $40,000 in Restitution


Because…the injury arose out of a late night dispute at a swingers club that the loving couple attended. A liaison with an unnamed female went bad, and her aggrieved husband exacted revenge with a shot to the back.


No matter how serious the injury or tragic the circumstances, it always pays to look a little closer.
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William Faris, JD
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