If You Don’t Know Jewelry…Know Your Jeweler!



This was a chapter in a Warren Buffet book and is often used as a slogan in many economic enterprises. Simply put, some business transactions are hopelessly confusing, so always deal with professional and reputable partners.


Let me put it another way. If you don’t know your prescriptions, know your Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM).


Just because you use a certain PBM doesn’t mean you’re getting the best deal. Anthem, one of the largest and savviest insurers in the world, just filed a $3 billion suit against a PBM for damages. Their claim, according to USA Today, involved paying for secret undercover PBM deals and complex rebate schemes that steer patients to a higher cost formulary when lower cost generics will do.  If Anthem thinks they are getting hosed, what chance does the little guy have?


They have a good chance if they “know their PBM.”


There are unscrupulous players all along the prescription food chain. The right PBM is transparent and operates as a fiduciary. From the provider to the dispenser to the wholesale distributor, you have a right to not be gouged and not pay for secret kickbacks or rebates.


There is a better way to control scripts.
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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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