Columbus Condones Cannabis



I’m not going to be hysterical and say the grim reaper is at your door. What I will say to my Midwestern friends and clients is that change is banging on your door. And he is coming in whether you are ready or not!


Ohio Governor Kasich just signed legislation making our Northern neighbor the 25th state to legalize, sell and use marijuana for treating patients with a qualifying medical condition.


I’m linking to an article by Tony Corvo from The Heartland Institute where he explains the thought process behind this political compromise. Evidently, the powers that be concluded that a constitutional ballot initiative was looming that might have implemented a poorly-worded and under-regulated framework resulting in “a cannabis free-for-all” according to Josh Brown, a healthcare policy analyst.


There are a number of approved conditions, including various types of pain symptoms, that will qualify for medical usage of marijuana.


Once again we have a new burden being placed on employers and payors of workers’ comp and health benefits, as well as hiring and firing complications that courts will have to decide.


Here is what I’m sure of today regarding medical marijuana:

  • It’s still illegal under federal law;
  • There will be abuse, both by patients and dispensers;
  • It’s not a panacea for every pain situation;
  • Additional approved jurisdictions are inevitable, and;
  • Be ready to open your wallet.


Call us. We can help you get ready.


William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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