One Plus One Equals Three



Green Mountain Boys led by Ethan Allen captured Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain on May 10, 1775.
Remembering back to my high school American history class, you didn’t want to mess with Vermont’s Green Mountain Boys. This militia, led by Ethan Allen, did Vermont proud in several Revolutionary War skirmishes.


Their fighting spirit lives on in the current battle against opioid abuse. The Vermont Health Department recently announced several proposed administrative regulations for opioid prescribing. These include:

  • Minor Procedures – Only 10 to 12 opioid pills can be prescribed per visit;
  • Complex Procedures – Opioids capped at a 7 day supply.


The Vermont Health Commissioner uses a math equation to make his pitch for non-opioid treatment for many diagnoses. He says:
1 Ibuprofen + 1 Acetaminophen = 3 Oxycodone


The Green Mountain Boys would approve.


Call us. We do math better as well.


William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer


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