Green Green Grass of Home


Anything that Porter Wagoner, Tom Jones and Jerry Lee Lewis sang must surely have deeper meaning we can apply to workers’ comp. As the lyrics go, a man was happy to touch the “green green grass,” however he was in prison and a terrible fate was looming.

Seems now that in New Jersey, your claimants can touch the “green green grass” and not only avoid prison, but get a reimbursement.

Writing for Philly.com, Jan Hefler tells us about a recent decision by a New Jersey ALJ who ordered a medical marijuana reimbursement check for lingering neuropathic pain from a work related injury. The highlights from the precedent-setting decision include these conclusions about medical marijuana:

  • Opiate use was reduced;
  • Intractable neuropathic pain is a qualifying condition;
  • Fewer adverse side effects;
  • Claimant reported better functionality.


Plus, all he wants is a thousand bucks.

The laws are changing, and the science is evolving. When an ALJ is forced with the option of long-term, ever-increasing demand for opioids versus a trial reimbursement of medical marijuana, one might opt for the “green green grass of home.”

These issues are coming to your jurisdiction. Doing better is the only option.


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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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