Spuds, Skidoodies and Big Pharma


So everyone knows about Big Pharma, and how much revenue they generate. But are you hip enough to know about “spuds” and “skidoodies,” and how they might be connected with these drug distributors and wholesalers?


There is a subculture of dealers and diverters who prey upon drug-seeking patients in order to fill bogus prescriptions for narcotics. The street names for these patients are “spuds” or “skidoodies.” According to a recent The Washington Post article, these are the impaired and lethargic customers with glossy eyes who can be seen paying cash for drugs at sketchy pharmacies and dispensaries.


Somewhere in this universe are the pharmaceutical companies like McKesson. The Justice Department just announced McKesson has agreed to pay a record $150 million fine to settle allegations of federal law violations relating to sales of narcotics.


According to The Post, one of the most damning accusations from the Feds is that McKesson filled more than 1.6 million orders for controlled substances, but only found that 16, from a single customer, were suspicious.


With $150 Million, I hope the Feds will do better for the “spuds” and “skidoodies.”


Call us. We can do better.


William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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