10,000 to 1 Are Poor Odds


If morphine is a “1” and fentanyl is a “100”, then what is a “10,000”?


There is a new synthetic opioid (used as an elephant sedative) that is being laced with heroin, called carfentanil. According to The Washington Post, the equivalent of a few grains of salt can be deadly to drug abusers and unaware first responders. It’s literally 10,000 times more powerful than morphine.


The callousness of drug dealers who will push these toxins for a buck is bewildering. The search for the higher-high is unending, and the pushers are willing to accommodate.


Labs, coroners and law enforcement are behind the curve on this as the formulas keep changing, and technicians must be hyper-cautious as this drug can be absorbed into the skin or accidentally inhaled as a sample is being opened for testing.


Doing better means limiting access to that initial prescription drug high. We in the workers’ comp industry must continue to fight the opioid fight early and often.
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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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