Where’s Waldo?


Most of us are familiar with the Where’s Waldo puzzles. Waldo, the striped object of the game, is strategically hidden somewhere in the picture. Once you find him, you think, “How could I have missed that?”


Recently in The New York Times, we had a Where’s Waldo moment. The headline of the article written by Reed Abelson says, “As Health Care Changes, Insurers, Hospitals and Drugstores Team Up.” What’s missing here, what we should look for, what makes the puzzle of healthcare even remotely workable is, of course, the patient and the payor. How interesting that the folks being treated and the folks picking up the tab are not considered team members.


You know that all of these things (hospitals, doctors and pharmacies) are big ticket items. We’re not in the bargain aisle. This is where things can go wrong in a hurry.


Invariably you need someone who can represent your views — the employers, the carriers and the patients. You’re the people who make the system work, but you’re left out when it comes to forming important partnerships.


We can help with that. We design networks, we manage pharmacy plans, we manage providers, and we manage care (over 300,000 cases in 27 years). Our nurses and consulting physicians are experts at getting folks the care they need while eliminating waste and duplication.


Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

Posted in Medical Cost Containment, OMCA