Reckless, Feckless and Heartless


Bill Estep, writing in the Lexington Herald-Leader, reported on Attorney General Andy Beshear’s filing of a lawsuit against McKesson Corp. This drug wholesaler has distributed millions of prescription painkillers in Kentucky.


In the lawsuit, Beshear argues that McKesson distributed excessive amounts of pills, disregarded health and safety norms, and failed to comply with reporting requirements.


Some of the drug overdose statistics in Kentucky are frightening, especially in rural and Eastern Kentucky counties. Overdose fatalities are far exceeding highway traffic deaths, and as you might expect, oxycodone/hydrocodone are detected in over one-third of the incidents.


This is not the first time Big Pharma has been sued, and they have previously paid hundreds of millions to settle past accusations. In response to other suits, they have pledged to solve the crisis, claiming that litigation is not the answer.


Sometimes you have to keep hitting them in the pocketbook until they finally do better.


Call us. We can help you do better, one claimant at a time.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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