Come At Me Bro


For over fifteen years, we have been sounding the opioid alarm while successfully treating claimants experiencing the nightmare of opioid abuse.


“Come at me bro” is just my latest reaction to the current Big Pharma news in USA Today.


According to a Senate report, from 2012-2017, the five biggest opioid manufacturers paid over $10 million to “so called” advocacy groups and medical societies that echoed and amplified messages encouraging the use of these dangerous drugs.


Some of the messages promoted opioids as safe and effective with minimal risk of addiction. Unfortunately, many of these groups were totally dependent on Big Pharma’s funding which casts doubt on their independence. Essentially, their propaganda undercut federal and state efforts to curb prescribing.


In a related article, Purdue Pharma is slashing their 400-strong opioid sales force in order to focus on new prescription activity (more of this in a future article).


If you want to do better, don’t just come at me bro. Come with me bro.


Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

Posted in OMCA, Workers’ Compensation