I Always Wanted to Work on a TransmissioÑ


Some may recall a television commercial from several years ago where work in an auto repair shop was being portrayed. The shop specialized in mufflers and had repairmen who were up to this specific task. One customer presented a problem with his car’s transmission and asked the shop to fix it.


Not having sufficiently trained staff, but not wanting to pass up good business, the boss assigned the task not to an auto technician, but rather to a maintenance man. Expressing his joy over being picked, the maintenance man said gleefully, “I always wanted to work on a transmission!” (For reasons I’ve never understood, he pronounced transmission with a faux French accent.) Chances are this won’t work out well for the customer.


In some workers’ comp claims shops, the work is doled out in a similar fashion. Assign the killer claim to the new kid. Give the new hire the biggest, fattest, most problematic files in the office. Assign authority to direct medical care to the guy who knows nothing.


Leaving medical decisions to non-medical people is a recipe for failure. One adjuster we dealt with thought a spinal cord stimulator and a TENS unit were the same thing, so he approved a very expensive procedure.


I always close with call us, we can do better.  When it comes to helping you with medical issues, we surely can do better. Our nurses and reviewing physicians are experts in evaluating the necessity and intensity of care.


Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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