Russian Roulette or Breakfast in Bed?


Evidently both scenarios can be dangerous.
Betsy McCaughey, writing in The New York Post, summarizes a Columbia University research project about the dangers lurking in inpatient beds. Contrary to what hospitals claim, these beds are full of germs…and they are not being properly cleaned!


Patients are six times as likely to get staph or strep if a bed was previously used by a patient with a dangerous infection. The American Journal of Infection Control purports that half of hospital mattresses may have drug-resistant bacteria on them.


Health professor Edmond Hooker from Xavier University explains that hospitals are ignoring the risk in the rush to turn over rooms for patients coming out of the OR and ER.


What should you do to do better? The CDC is urging more aggressive and high tech cleaning methods to disinfect entire rooms.


OMCA continues to urge aggressive UR to minimize admissions to completely eliminate these exposures before they can take hold.


Does your UR vendor protect you and your claimants from inappropriate procedures, or do they merely rubber stamp the breakfast in bed menu?

Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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