That’s One Small Step For Kentucky…



Actually, it’s a pretty big step.


The most recent session of the General Assembly gave a very big task to Department of Workers’ Claims Commissioner Robert Swisher. Legislators instructed the Commissioner to develop treatment guidelines and a drug formulary before the end of the year. Many of us thought that to be nearly impossible, but we wished him well.


To our surprise and delight, the DWC has now adopted both treatment guidelines and a drug formulary!  This is truly big news.


In the weeks and months ahead, you are going to be hearing and learning a lot about both of these  In this note, I want to hit on the big picture.


Some folks ask why this is needed. Don’t physicians treat similar injuries in a similar fashion? And the answer would be NO. Many are unfamiliar with treating based upon principles of evidenced-based medicine. Treatment guidelines, as developed by ODG (Official Disability Guidelines) and adopted by the state, make the latest evidence-based medicine available to anyone who would be treating a workers’ compensation claimant. This standardizes treatment throughout the state, minimizes cost fluctuations, and most importantly, gives injured workers the best possible care.


As we have learned over the last several years, the best care produces the best outcomes and results in lower medical costs.


I’ve run out of space.  More will follow on the drug formulary. But congratulations to the Commissioner, his staff, and the volunteers who gave of their time and experience to make this possible.


Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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