Pill Popping Protocols



We are learning that the fight to contain opioids is multifaceted. There are many tentacles and cutting one off doesn’t mean the others have gone away. One major tentacle that persists in the opioid crisis is, believe it or not, your local health care provider and your hospital.

Emma Passé, writing in the October 3, 2018 issue of USA Today, recounts her battle against her doctors and the hospital staff when she refused to allow them to treat her pre and post-surgical pain with opioids. Leading up to her surgery she repeatedly told them “no opioids” and every time they fought her, assuring her that the new generation of opioids was safe.

Emma correctly identified pain as being something she could live with when the alternative was to suffer the side effects of various drugs. She was fully aware she might be uncomfortable for a little while – but preferred that over an opioid. At every turn the medical staff attempted to persuade her otherwise, even making arrangements to send her home with 40 codeine tablets. This, when she wanted none.

Hospitals are dangerous places for a number of reasons. Surgeries are dangerous and are the site of many injuries. Opioids are deadly. Know that the hospital and the medical staff can be relentless in encouraging the use of opioids.

Good utilization review can be invaluable in keeping claimants out of the hospital.

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William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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