Company History

OMCA is a unique group of professionals who, since 1988, has assisted employers, carriers, third-party administrators and self-funded groups in managing their workers’ compensation and group health claims costs, throughout the United States.

As the first MCO approved in Kentucky, OMCA has remained a leader in providing innovative costs containment solutions. Managing workers’ compensation expense has become increasingly difficult in the environment of rapidly escalating medical costs. Payors constantly struggle with excessive medical expenses while providing quality medical care for injured workers.

Aggressive medical management by select occupational healthcare professionals is critical in achieving cost efficient, optimal outcomes. OMCA products represent years of experience, innovation and collaborative relationships with our select physician panel.

OMCA arranges and conducts a variety of seminars for our customers and clients. These seminars cover a variety of workers’ compensation, ethics and medical cost containment topics.

These following presentations have been approved for continuing education credits by Bar Associations and/or State Departments of Insurance:

• Ethics & the Kentucky Workers Comp Claims Adjuster
• Ethics, Workers’ Comp and the Use of Social Media
• Workers’ Compensation Managed Care in Kentucky
• Workers’ Compensation Fundamentals
• Self-Funded Health Plans
• Self-Insured Group Medical Part II
• Prescription Drug Abuse in Workers’ Comp
• Managing Your Most Challenging Neck and Back Claims
• When Do Urine Drug Screens Make Sense?
• Social Media in Claims Adjusting

For more information, please contact Matthew Williams at matthew.williams@omca.biz