“Quality Health Care Access”


  • Extensive Provider Panel
  • Competitive Provider Rates
  • Credentialed to NCQA/Joint Commission Standards
  • Flexibility of Local Ownership

The Faris Group / ProviderNet Network

Since 1999, OMCA has developed and operated an exceptional independent statewide network branded as “The Faris Group/ProviderNet,” this network spans the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky including expanded coverage into surrounding states. Currently over 7,000 providers participate in our network. This includes physicians, hospitals, surgery centers, physical therapy, DME, home health, lab and diagnostic, chiropractic and alternative medicine.

Recruiting / Credentialing

Recruiting and credentialing is a constant process. OMCA credentials under the strict guidelines of NCQA and Joint Commission standards. This ensures all of our physicians have education, training, clinical skills, professional histories and malpractice coverage that has been researched and well documented. New providers are frequently recruited through referrals from current ones or perhaps the hospital with which the physician is affiliated. Referrals may also come from employers, TPAs and insurance agents. Regardless the source of the referral, ALL providers are initially credentialed and then re-credentialed every three years.

Because we control our recruiting/credentialing process, we can offer tailor-made networks that may consist of most any reasonable geographic area (e.g. county) and still enforce credentialing standards that would equal those of nationwide networks.

Rates / Access

In Kentucky, the ProviderNet physicians are contracted at percentage rates of Medicare reimbursements. Hospital, diagnostic, DME and similar charges may be quoted as a percent of billed charges or at per diem or capitated rates. ProviderNet network can be leased by self-funded employers, TPA’s or insurance companies. To learn more about pricing, rates and access, please contact Matthew Williams: matthew.williams@omca.biz.

From our Clients & Colleagues

Glen Mudd Louisville Water Co.

“OMCA is an easy company to work with. The only issue we’ve ever had is an employee who didn’t understand the paperwork. That’s a pretty good record.”