Pharmacy Control – GUARANTEED!


Today, no cute stories or tie-ins to long-ago TV shows or movies. Those of us in the workers’ comp industry have a stake in how claimants obtain scripts. Briefly, here is the current lay of the land from the Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Board:


  • Medications are medical services. Hospitals, pharmacies or physician offices are the only sources a person may legally obtain prescription medications;

  • A pharmacy is a medical provider for purposes of workers’ compensation matters;

  • In the absence of designation of a certified managed care organization by the employer, the employee may select any medical provider to treat his injury or occupational disease.


Concerned about rogue pharmacies or physician dispensing trends?
Consider designating a certified managed care organization for comp that includes a specific, customized pharmacy network.


Managed care and select networks — it’s what we have done since 1994.


Call us. We can do better.

William Faris, JD
Chief Executive Officer

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